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History of the Present

The Bush family has a lot of history.

After more than 15 years of indirectly funding the Nazi party in Germany, the United States government in October of 1942 seized and froze the assets for these American companies, all co-founded and run by Prescott Bush: The Union Banking Corporation, The Holland-America Trading Corporation, and The Seamless Steel Equipment Corporation. These companies were all funding monetarily the Nazi party directly (and indirectly through the Dutch Royal Family and several Dutch banks), and providing them with subsidized prices on manufactured war materials (galvanized steel, weaponry, etc).

Prescott Bush is George W. Bush's grandfather. He, in 1951 when the UBC assets were unfrozen, inherited 1.5 million dollars after the death of his Dutch contact, and Bush and his co-financiers all cashed in on the liquidation money when they sold their stock in UBC. Bush started a new company with the money.

Over the years, most of the people involved in UBC and the other companies connected with this Dutch-Nazi cartel developed significant financial and political pull in the US, and were directly responsible for George Bush Sr.'s stint as the Director of the CIA and his campaign for President in 1988 and 1992.

Fun stuff.
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